Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snakes on cam...literally

Stumbled upon this when i googled for 'Paradise snake'.

Fancy clothing your camera with genuine exotic paradise snake skin?
From source, "Snake skin with a fine, tight pattern. Compatible with black or chrome cameras. Available for all supported cameras."
In case you are wondering, Paradise Tree Snakes REALLY look like this,

Comes in cobra too! *not for the faint hearted

Unidentified 'red' snake

Snakes are not the only reptiles stripped off their skin (we already know about skinless alligators & crocodiles with their skin on handbags & shoes),
poor lizards are not spared too.
Above: Unidentified 'brown' lizard

i would rather have the snake IN the cam (as a snapshot) than have it ON my cam.
Source of pics:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bravo, SSnakehunters!

SSnakehunters (sequel of Snakehunters) is a volunteer group which was set up in January 2006 to assist in the field sampling of my MSc research project (Population Ecology of Dog-faced Water Snakes, Cerberus rynchops in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore). Time flies. The last field work ended last night.

These people have gone through thick and thin mud with me, have endured snake and mosquito bites, and have been traumatised emotionally by lurking crocodiles.
Special thanksss to my regular kakis:
Chan Kwok Wai; Heng Ci Pei; Ho Shu Ping; Fiona Hong; Katherine Coyle; Ivan Khong; Nicole Lee; Leong Wai; Lim Wei Ling; Robin Ngiam; Tan Haihan; Tan Kai-xin; Ria Tan; Tan Sijie; Tay Ywee Chieh; Teo Ling Rong; Helen Wong; Yang Shufen; Charlene Yeong.
Thanksss a hisssllion to you, wonderful volunteers:
Ang Jian Wei; Ang Yu Chen; Chang Meiping; Shermaine Chen; Chin Chwee Kim; Ching Biyun; Michelle Choo; Choo Yuan Ting; Chua Siew Chin; Foo Shi Ping; Lim Cheng Puay; Terry Lim; Lim Li-Feng Rachel; Lim Shimin Gwynne; Lim Swee Cheng; Lin Yang Chen; Ng Sophia; Desmond Ng; Nur Azilah Osman; Sor Fang Ting; Kathy Su; Tan Hang Chong; Tan Xiao Ting; Marcus Tay; Helen Tay; Tay Yi Lin; Rebecca Teo; Thong Yueh Yee; Wong Seong Leng; Wong Teck Min; Ye Meishan; Yeo Siew Kee.

Thanks people, for getting dirty with me! ;)

Helen during her mud baptism.

Happy faces (of Helen and Shuping) while their legs are enjoying the mud spa.

Terry and Fang Ting 'eating snake' at one corner?

Cooperation in process: Charlene giving a hand to Wai.

Violet decided to take a seat on the soft mud.

Ci Pei looks like she has been doing this for a lifetime.

Michelle and Xiao Ting serious at work.

Swee Cheng carefully picking up a snake.

Ling Rong, Helen and the snake look like they are enjoying themselves.

Robin, Wei Ling and Shufen giving the snake a photoshoot.

Sijie and Shuping doing The Double Catch!