Thursday, April 27, 2006

SLOG: The birth of a long journey of hard work + fun

SLOG is the online documentation of snake sightings in Singapore.

Most snakes sit at the top of food chains, and thus are good indicators of the health of a habitat. Unfortunately, snakes are shy creatures, and are rarely encountered. As a result, we do not know much about the natural history of our snakes in Singapore. Every bit of information (e.g. distribution, habitat utilisation, food habits, reproduction, population ecology) helps to save the snakes and their habitat.

"We only save what we love, and only love what we know"

All snakes received bad publicity, even if they are totally harmless. SLOG hopes to encourage the appreciation of these animals and dismiss the myth that they are all mindless beasts with long fangs chasing after people and eat them.

1. Shoot (with a camera)
2. Record observations
3. Send photographs, observations, and location to